FIAT 130 Club of Finland

- founded in 1981, has about 20 members
- sells used and new FIAT 130 spare parts at good prices.
- has connections with other FIAT 130 Clubs  

Contact person for more information about technical issues and about spare parts: 

Mr Unto Tervo, mobile +358-50-5265955,

Mr Unto Tervo is one of the renowned experts on model 130 in Europe. He has a profound theoretical knowledge of FIAT cars in general and of model130 in specific, as well as an extensive practical experience of classic FIATs and of the model130.

Mr Tervo has been involved in most of the FIAT 130 restoration projects done in Finland. He owns an acclaimed FIAT 130 Berlina as well as other classical FIAT cars.

You can follow Mr Tervo on Youtube